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FULL VIDEO: Bussin' With The Boys - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Where do you even begin when describing Dale Earnhardt Jr... The stud professional racecar driver, team owner, author, philanthropist, broadcaster, podcast host, and, of course, son of The Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt Sr., sat (digitally) with The Boys for a heartfelt talk that we've been planning for a while. Topics include if men had to get pregnant, some Redskins talk, expectations for the NFL Draft, what would you change about Joe Burrow, how Dale owns an entire western town, and the impact of Kobe Bryant's passing. Then, Dale opens up and tells his terrifying plane crash story in more detail than ever before. Finally, to end on a lighter note, intern Zach (the biggest Dale Jr. fan on Earth) drops in to ask a few questions of his own. Enjoy!

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