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KFC Radio: Josh Wolf Returns, Larry the Cable Guy, and She Buried the Beans

Don't forget to subscribe, give five stars, and leave a review! We're at the point of quarantine that John is officially becoming bored. AITA Thursday returns with a girlfriend who may be a russian sleeper agent, a girl who peed into a bottle on a roadtrip, and an engagement being broken off because the girlfriend buried his beans. Voicemails include men using filters on dating apps, sports tapestries in the bedroom, and underwhelming superstars. Josh Wolf returns to the show. We start of discussing how much we're crushing quarantine, Josh tells us why his outlook on why he loves weird stuff, and we discuss the infamous video he sent to Kevin that took Barstool HQ hostage for a week. Larry the Cable Guy joins the show. We discuss how he got his start on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, having an iconic look, saying your catch phrase to bring joy to people, and much more.