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FULL VIDEO: Bussin' With The Boys - Big Cat

Big Cat is on the bus (not really, thanks to coronavirus, but it's as close as we can get for now)!! On this episode, Dan Katz, one of the OGs of Barstool and host of Pardon My Take, joins The Boys for a highly-anticipated chat. Topics include patching up the BWTB vs PMT beef (once and for all), Big Cat tries to convince The Boys they should give JJ Watt another chance, Taylor asks why he was never allowed into the legendary Barstool Blackout parties, how coronavirus may push off the NFL season, and some quick takes on new NFL uniforms, the NFL Draft going digital, and more. There is even a candid call-in by Kirk Herbstreit (and Big Cat had some strong words for him). This one lived up to the hype. Enjoy!

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