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FULL VIDEO: Bussin' With The Boys - Dana Beers

Dana Beers of Zillion Beers Dana Beers aka Mr. Zillion aka Mr. Zilly Zilly aka Dana Bahrawy took a timeout from hand-delivering beers to those in Nashville affected by the tornadoes to come on the bus and tell his story. 

On this episode, Willy & Zilly (patent pending) walk down memory lane to get the full scoop on how Dana Beers became the legend he is today. 

Other topics include how Dana became best friends with Mike Vrabel, what he REALLY thinks of the PMT guys, which 3 Barstool people he would want to be quarantined with, who he would choose as his beer pong partner if his life was on the line, and what's next for the Zillion Beers brand. We hope this bonus episode brightens up your quarantine! Enjoy.

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