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The Good Side of Bad News 2

The Good Side of Bad News Part 2

North Fort Myers man attacks friend with a sword over argument over penmanship. (4:46)  

A mans' head is hacked off, and his penis is fed to the dogs. But he was a domestic abuser, so he probably deserved it. At least she had the compassion cut off his head, and THEN his dick. When you think about it, he really got beheaded twice. (12:50)

Here's an ongoing dispute between a married couple: she punishes him by pouring out a perfectly good beer every time he doesn't put the toilet seat down. (17:05)  

There is a parking lot pooper on the loose in Mass. 

Patrolling officer: "Look, your nanny just dropped a deuce in a public parking lot. I was just wondering if she is allowed to shit at your place?" (22:12)

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