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Everybody Is Awful: T-Shirts Part 2

Highlight's from this week's episode on Awful T Shirts: 

Jim could do five episodes a week with the amount of stuff you guys send in. (2:50)

T-shirts about how much guys love their wives. (3:40)

"Ovaries before brovaries." Cringe. (4:59)

Jim bought a house down the Jersey Shore once when he was single. He was bored out of his mind 35 minutes in. (10:36) 

Today's forecast: 99% Chance of wine. (13:33)

"Sometimes it's a paragraph written on a T-Shirt, you walk by them and it's like ...what the fuck does that say?" (19:03)

I don't need google, my wife know's everything (24:47)

Sunday Funday (29:21)

A group of people wearing T-shirts that say "Jolliest bunch a' assholes, this side of the nuthouse" for a bar crawl (39:25)

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