Million Dollaz Worth of Game
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About Million Dollaz Worth of Game

Million Dollaz Worth of Game, a weekly podcast hosted by legendary Philadelphia rapper/actor Gillie Da King and social media influencer and disruptor Wallo, sounds nothing like any traditional podcast available. Forget the manufactured New York or LA personalities, or the former athlete who doesn’t know what life is really like, this show is a refreshing conversation about what it’s really like growing up in the streets of Philadelphia, and how the values Gillie and Wallo learned apply to everyone. The entire focus of the show is to teach you how to have GAME, which is authenticity, empathy, and truth to yourself, while injecting humor into every aspect of conversation. GAME is more of a life story than an expression to Gillie and Wallo, who took different paths to wind up hosting a show that would change so many people’s lives.