PMT 5-21 - Grit Week With LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron

Grit Week is here and we’re live from an Georgia RV Park. We talk about what we have planned for the week, what happened to Vanny Woodhead and how much we love Coach O. NBA Playoffs, the Rockets are dead again, Steph is healthy, and James Harden is back on his designer drugs (allegedly). The Cavs blew out the Celtics and JR Smith is the litmus test for how this series is going. We’re not worried about the Caps so don’t even ask. Who’s Back of the week including Love because two strangers in England got married. LSU Football Coach Ed Orgeron joins the show to talk about Grit, his career as a Coach, the time he recruited even though he didn’t have a job, and when he put a worm in his mouth to motivate his team. Segments include As a White Guy Stephen A Smith said the N word on air. Respect the Biz Us for calling into Brad Stevens press conference, PR 101 for Terrance Williams crashing his Lambo and running away, and Problematic did Lebron diss a guy in a MAGA hat during Game 3 but more importantly who really cares?