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If Thanos Was Gonna Wipe Out Half The Population Would You Rather Be The Hottest Person Left Or The Ugliest Person Left?

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.37.14 PM

Incredible voicemail on today on KFC Radio. If Thanos was gonna wipe out half the world would you rather have him wipe out the half that’s more attractive than you or the half that’s less attractive than you (let’s be honest, you’re extraordinarily mediocre)? Would you rather be the hottest person alive or the ugliest person alive? If you’re the hottest alive then you’re going to be settling, but at least you could get rich as a model and have the confidence knowing that no one is more desired than you, but the porn you watch is full of ugly girls. If you’re ugliest then you’re gonna always be hooking up with hotter girls but you’ll always be thought of as the ugly guy at the bar, and you still get to watch all your favorite pornstars.

It’s a very difficult question.

Also, we got even more nerdy today, if you could have any of the Infinity Stones which would you have?