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Spittin' Chiclets Takes NYC Featuring Teddy Purcell & Pasha Eshghi

The crew is down NYC this week and recorded today’s ep at HQ after Vegas tied up their series with Winnipeg. After getting up to speed on the playoff action, the boys welcome former NHLer Teddy Purcell to show. Purcell just got back from a bid in the KHL so he talks Russian gas, ridiculously long flights, and rigged games. He also has a hilarious story time with Whits and Biz about some adventures over the years. Next up, the guys talk to the co-creator of “BizNasty Does B.C.” Pasha Eshghi about how it all came together, what challenges he faced, his creative inspirations, and more. Lots of laughs on this one. Tune in.