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PMT 5-9 With New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

We’re live in New Orleans and after 24 hours on the ground Big Cat’s ears just popped. PFT’s Caps beat the Penguins, finally, and now he has to figure out a way to apologize to everyone for not eating poop. We talk NBA second round, Lebron emasculated the Raptors, the Rockets and Warriors are on a collision path, and Joel Embiid talks maybe a little too much for a guy who gets winded every 4th quarter. Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Swansea, and our ability to bring bad luck to interview subjects. New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton joins us to talk about his past 12 years in Louisiana, what life after Drew Brees may look like, how close he was to dying when Adrian Peterson was mad at him, playing for the lockout Spare Bears, and we pitch him Adam Sandler movies but he didn’t really like that. Segments include Embrace Debate is Greeny being a Weeny because he can’t pick a side on MJ vs Lebron, Trouble in Paradise Matt Harvey lives in Cincy now, Hank Hot in the Street Elon Musk’s new girlfriend Grimes and Guys on Chicks.