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The Pat McAfee Show 5-8 A Dog Named Nipsy

On today’s show, Pat is joined by Nick, Digs, Zito, Todd, and Vibbs as they chat about the new addition to Pat’s family over the weekend, and gives a live look at how she is acclimating to the other animals in his house, and they break down the mini marathon in Indianapolis. Pat also chooses which superhero he plans on playing at some point in the future, and brainstorms how he is going to build the character. MMA legend Chris Lytle also joins the show to defend himself against the allegations that he clogged the toilet in the Heartland office and then left without telling anyone (27:40). Later, actor, comedic legend, and star of his own self-entitled TV show on NBC, Marlon Wayans, joins the show to chat about getting back into standup comedy, how he structures his act, what the differences between acting in movies and tv shows are, and some of the things that he has planned in the future (1:11:52). Let’s have a Tuesday. Come laugh with us, cheers.