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PMT 5-7 With Blake Griffin

Philly is still cleaning up their premature confetti celebration and Brad Stevens has broken the process. Lebron has killed the Raptors, again, and he somehow gets better every game. Warriors are still the team to beat and we kind of hate James Harden. The Caps are a game a way from PFT eating horse poop and Brad Marchand licks people. Who’s Back of the Week including DJ Khaled’s refusal to eat his wife’s pussy and Albert Pujols hit 3,000 hits. Detroit Piston Blake Griffin joins the show to talk about his trade from the Clippers, if the Clipper for Life ceremony is awkward in retrospect, how he’s changing his game, and what the differences between Manhattan Beach and Detroit Michigan are. Segments include Kings stay Kings Skip Bayless, Hurt or Injured Matt Harvey, Stick to Sports Sportscenter, Sabermetrics American Pharaoh fucks a lot, and Stay Woke is Kanye performing an elaborate art project on all of us?