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#Mickstape: 3 Out Of 4 Of The Semifinal Matchups Are Actually Bad

There’s one matchup with any semblance of intrigue while the Rockets and Warriors drub the Jazz and Pelicans. I guess the Raptors could, in theory, beat the Cavaliers but the Raptors also don’t have LeBron James so ehhhh probably not. The Celtics and the 76ers series inspired perhaps the most heated debate between Tyler and Coley to date as they don’t see anywhere remotely close to eye to eye in this series at all.

We recorded in the afternoon just before radio started which explains why it’s shorter than usual, and Dave strolls in for the final minutes to shockingly pick the Celtics to win the series. In the middle of the episode we also try and figure out where Donovan Mitchell ranks among players in the Western Conference after his rookie season, where he’d go in a redraft of the 2017 Class, and also if the Jazz would be better, worse or the same with Devin Booker instead.

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