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Section 10 Podcast Episode 165: Fenway Fridays Are Back And I Was Not Ready For It



On Episode 165 of the Section 10 Podcast, Fenway Fridays are BACK. Oh, all the trolls are out chirping. They’re giving me shit for not blogging the Red Sox loss on Friday night. Where’s Jared? Where is he? Where’d he go? He was at Fenway Friday, you uncultured swines. When the Red Sox are home on weekends, Section 10 is in the building. Welcome to Barstool Sports where this is the fourth season that this has been a thing.

When the Red Sox are home on weekends, we go to the game, and we hang out with Section 10 listeners after the game. Golf clap for Hubbs who doesn’t have plans on Friday nights and blogs at 1am. By the way, Hubbs made a special guest appearance on today’s episode to talk about the Yankees. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties but what he was able to get in was can’t miss stuff.

Anyway, the first Fenway Friday of the year was a messy one. It was the first time I’ve been blackout in probably eight years. Big Cat has a rule where he says no to free shots when he’s out. I didn’t have that rule and I paid for it. Will enforce moving forward. I also talk about a conversation where Portnoy and I screamed at each other on the phone for a half hour at the start of the game, not remembering the last hour to hour and a half of the night, Evan Drellich calls in to help fill in the blanks from the night, and some observations from the Rays series

Other topics discussed are the inside the park home run that got by Jackie Bradley Jr., how the people who don’t want Dustin Pedroia back are morons, the dude that custom made an authentic Section 10 Red Sox jersey, a reaction to last night’s win over the Royals, the Red Sox taking down the Yawkey Way street sign immediately, I explain the WEEI situation, meeting with the Red Sox over the weekend to get press passes for Barstool, Pablo Sandoval pitching over the weekend, Joe Kelly watching the game on Sunday from the bleachers, and we wonder why the Red Sox haven’t put Kelly in the Wally costume to steal signs.

Down in the DM — Question for Coley: Is cereal considered soup? How did Steve meet Jared? MFK – Jim Buchanan, Wally and your celebrity crush. Which player on this roster would you want to stay in their prime forever? Can you guys list off all the teams with 20 wins right now? How many coloring books does Rafael Devers go through in a season? If the Celtics were to have a home run derby who would win? Will there be a Barstool at the Ballpark at Fenway this year? If you guys could pick anybody for the Booby Box, who are you picking? I’m demanding to hear the end of the strip club story, so give the people what they want!

Emptying the Bench — Why do people not care about milestone watches anymore? Jim Buchanan’s “at least take me to dinner first” tweet was amazing. Controversy of ladies Section 10 tees. Jared not liking when Steve randomly sticks his phone in his face.

Also, shout out to Office Manager Brett. He threw away our lottery machine that we use to pick the random Red Sox player of the week to give a five-minute appreciation segment to, and replaced it with one that is three times the size of the one that he threw away. That’s how you manage an office, Brett.






Leave your Red Sox reactions throughout the week on our voicemail, and they could be used at the end of the show: 781-366-0950.