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Hank Azaria/Jim Brockmire On KFC Radio

New episode is out today with none other than Hank Azaria stopping by for the second time. I’m pretty sure this will be the last time since he had to wait in line forever to use the bathroom and then had to make his own coffee, but the coffee pot didn’t have any water in it, so he had to clean that out too (I offered to help make the coffee but quickly realized that I’ve never made coffee in my life, as I don’t drink it with the Mormonism and everything, so have no clue what you’re supposed to do). Won’t blame him a bit if he doesn’t come back.

But while he was here boy did we have a hoot. Talked about how their show is just stealing me and Kevin’s lives, took a voicemail or two, did some Jets/Mets hatred while I gloated about my sports teams. Voicemails include stripper advice, dating a girl diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, iPhone movie dates, and The Greatest Showman soundtrack is so heat.

Have a listen.