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The Pat McAfee Show 5-1 Nice Little Tuesday With AJ Hawk

On today’s show, Pat is joined by the guys as they chat about this week’s 20 Dollar Chef cookout, the Titans offensive line putting on a show with the catfish in Nashville, Todd enlisting Shaun’s help in order to catch a criminal, how the world might be coming to an end due to the eruption of the super volcano, and their thoughts on the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, which sends them down the memory lane of some older cell phones. Also, former Super Bowl Champion and friend of the show, AJ Hawk, joins the guys to chat about his thoughts on the NFL draft, what he’s been up to in the last couple of months, his plans for the Kentucky Derby weekend, and he and Pat’s relationships with Guy Fieri (16:56). Let’s have a Tuesday. Come laugh with us, cheers.