#Mickstape: The Blazers Are Dead Featuring Arian Foster and NFL Draft Expert Steven Cheah

Alright, I’m going to be upfront with you people – this episode is very good. There’s just one minor problem: we recorded this podcast on the second floor of our office. Tyler is in New York and, despite recording at the exact same time every single Monday and Wednesday for the entire season, we were not given the studio to record today. Pretty rude. Because of this, we had to use three microphones in essentially a conference room. Withers sounds crystal clear. The Mick Man sounds crystal clear…. Arian Foster and Steven Cheah sound like they’re miles away. But no worries, Arian is only on for about 15 minutes during the first half of the show and if you can’t hear NFL Draft Expert Steven Cheah loudly enough during the second half, we’ll just bring him on back in for Thursday’s show. Despite the fact that there are two NFL-centric guests on today’s show, it is entirely NBA Playoffs based for the first two hours. We talk about the Blazers being dead, why no one picked the Pelicans, Lance Stephenson being the troll gawd, the Celtics dropping two in Milwaukee, the Jazz jumping out to a lead against the Thunder, Whiteside’s defense on Embiid, and all the rest of the goodness that’s transpired throughout the first round thus far.

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