PMT 4-18 Bulls Lauri Markkanen And Boston Marathon Winner Des Linden

Tax Day because the IRS broke all their “computers”. NBA/NHL Playoff recap, the Bucks are broken and their coach looks like an accountant. Brad Stevens is a Wizard and Dwyane Wade found the fountain of youth and got his ass eaten. Hot Seat/Cool Throne including The Mooch and Brett Favre. Chicago Bulls Rookie Lauri Markkanen joins the show to talk about his first year in the NBA, what his nickname should be, and whether or not we can speak Finnish. Des Linden the first USA Boston Marathon winner since 1985 joins the show to talk about Marathon running and she let us make a bunch of jokes about bumper stickers and how boring running is. Segments include way to stay relevant Baseball because the season is too long, Hmmmm Pop vs Kawhi, Trouble in Paradise Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Hashtag Hyphy and Guys on Chicks.