PMT 4-16 With Kris Bryant And We Call Marlins Man To Uncover Derek Jeter's Shady Dealings

It’s finally Tax Day but we all filed for extensions so we’re gucci. The Caps stink again but what else is new. We do our knee jerk reactions to Game 1 in the NBA Playoffs. Who’s Back of the Week including a call to Marlins Man who has some breaking news on Derek Jeter’s fraudulent filings and Coachella has us triggered again. NL MVP and Cubs 3B Kris Bryant joins us to talk about playing in Chicago, how much he wants Bryce Harper on the Cubs, being perfect at life, and how much he wants Bryce Harper on the Cubs. Segments include Way to stay relevant Baseball GIFS, Put one in her earhole for the little league coach that tried to bean an 11 year old girl, Our Bad we broke up John Cena’s marriage, Embrace Debate is Gregg Popovich a dickhead, and “Whoa”.