#Mickstape: Are The 76ers About To Win The East?

Like… maybe? No seriously, the Cavs should win the East since they still have that LeBron James guy but the second best team in the East is absolutely the 76ers. No, it’s not the Raptors. More like Craptors, imho. Maybe if the Raptors get some luck and draw the 76ers in the second round, but seeing as they’re going to have to play the Cavs it looks like curtains for them earlier than they had hoped. But can the 76ers beat the beleaguered Celtics? Sure, why the hell not? The most intriguing Eastern Conference Finals matchup – by far – is the team with Simmons and Embiid vs. LeBron. As for the Western Conference playoffs: all 15 teams are still eligible for the 3 seed. No one will have any idea who is in the playoffs until the Wolves play the Nuggets on the final day of the season. ONLY THEN will we have even the slightest bit of a clue as to whomst is playing.

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