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The Pat McAfee Show 4-10 Wrestlemania Was Wild

On today’s show Pat is joined by everyone from the Heartland as the guys land back in Indianapolis after a wild weekend in New Orleans for Wrestlemania. Pat recaps his big weekend commentating the Preshow for NXT, some of the legends he met while down there, what he thought of Wrestlemania as a whole, and the guys relive a wild night on Bourbon Street (7:27). Later, the greatest Orator in the history of the WWE, and perhaps on the face of the earth, Paul Heyman, joins the show to talk about his start in the business, who some of his favorite current wrestlers are, what it’s like interacting with Brock Lesnar, and he takes a couple of shots at Robbie Fox (57:41). It’s been a wild couple of days. Come laugh with us. Cheers.