PMT 4-4 With John Cena And We're Still In San Antonio

We’re never leaving San Antonio but we had a blast at the National Championship game Monday. Villanova is a hurricane of basketball talent and Mo Wagner got tired from pumping up the crowd. Masters preview and storylines including John Daly, the galleries, and can Sergio finally win the big one. Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the state of Kentucky because Rick Pitino is never going back there. Wrestling Champion and A-List Celebrity John Cena joins the show to talk about his new movie, getting Punk’d, whether or not he’d fuck Big Cat’s belly button and milk PFT’s nipples, and what it’s like being a wrestler that gets boo’d. Segments include PR 101 Donte DiVincenzo’s old tweets are problematic, Trouble in Paradise for the Patriots possibly trading Gronk and Guys on Chicks.