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The Breakdown Of The Barstool Pornography Bracket Is A Must Listen

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 12.02.17 PM

Yesterday Kmarko posted his big pornament bracket, so we obviously had to have him on to break it down. We also brought in resident porn expert YP. It’s a thirty minute extensive breakdown of the athletes involved in the competition and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Kevin and myself were our standard boring selves, but Kmarko and YP were just fantastic. I was in tears the entire time. They’re both experts at their craft and I could listen to YP talk porn all day. He’s usually quite a doofus but when he gets to talking pornstars he morphs into part poet, part legitimate sports analyst. Girls taking penis on camera are his muse, apparently. Listen to it if for no other reason than to hear YP’s analogy regarding Heather Brooke and the New England Patriots success, it is absolutely fantastic.