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A Recap Of Clem’s Vegas Daddymoon At #DP41 And An In Depth Breakdown Of The Disney Pixar Movies Bracket -The Podfathers

So after a decent amount of worrying over the weekend, Baby Clem has not been born yet and Big Boy Clem is somehow still alive. Gotta chalk that up as a W. I talked about what it was like experiencing my last gasp of freedom as a father of 1 during my boss’s 41st birthday party with a wife that was ready to pop at home.

We also did a deep dive into the Disney Pixar bracket that is going viral since it is #BracketSZN.


Our brackets, like most, ended with Lion King vs. Toy Story. While I think Toy Story is the better movie, I think Lion King is the better Disney movie. Does that sound like a cop out by someone that would rather choose their favorite child instead of picking between Lion King and Toy Story? You’re goddamn right it does, but I stand by it. Let us know your champion by tweeting to @Podfathersshow.

We then wrap up with some mailbag questions, which can be sent to And as Chaps said during the podcast, don’t be afraid to ask some romance questions in relationships that may lead to kids. It’s all fair game on The Podfathers.