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What's The Most Re-Watchable Movie In History?

This has been turned into a podcast with our guy Kmarko and far more movies discussed so if you’ve got 20 minutes to spare give that a listen.

Now I know our guy Jerry has coined the term “Shawshank’d” to describe movies such as this, but this tweet went viral last night so it got me thinking about it again. Personally, I don’t get Shawshank’d by Shawshank. Oddly enough, it’s because I think it’s too good a movie. For me a movie with real rewatchability has to have some aspect of bad, or goofy, to it. It’s gotta be something you can be dropped into at any moment and be entertained. In my opinion, Shawshank has too many slower parts and it’s one I prefer to watch from the beginning.

When I read that tweet I didn’t even hesitate, I knew my answer immediately. It’s Shooter. Now, you can argue that Shooter is so rewatchable because it’s on cable 24/7 and it’s more or less forced upon us as a rewatchable film, but the fact of the matter is that when you’re scrolling the channel guide you *never* see Shooter and decide to watch something else. The moment it graces your eyes you know you’re home. It’s an extraordinarily over the top action film, so it’s got that bad/goofy aspect, and whenever you turn it on you’re about five minutes from an awesomely entertaining scene.


Shooter is the correct answer, it’s the perfect movie for rewatchability.

I would also accept Step Brothers, The Patriot, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Other Barstool answers (I don’t ask everyone when I do blogs like this because I don’t feel like getting up from my desk and walking around the office, so these are just the people who sit within earshot of me)

Smitty: National Treasure and Shawshank

Big Cat: The Heat

Kmarko: Warrior

Rone: Apocalypto

Milmore: Shooter