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Is "I Have Three Testicles" A Usable Pickup Line If It's True?

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 7.19.45 PM

Everyone disagrees with me but I don’t care, I think this shit plays. Anyone ever read The Game (I didn’t because I’m not a fucking dork, but I’ve heard rumblings)? You gotta stick out, gotta peacock. You think that dude in the furry hat with a lip ring looks like he’s getting laid? Hell no, but that ladies remember him. Guess what? They’re gonna remember the testicled gentleman as well. You just gotta be on her mind and next thing you know you’re gonna be in her pants.

Hell, this would work on me. Walk up to me in a bar and tell you you’ve got three balls and I’m going to want to see each and every one of them. Like Larry David and his freak book, I enjoy seeing crazy shit. Extra vagina, extra breast, extra nut, extra dick, doesn’t matter to me. If you’re an alien with a disfigurement then show me that shit because I’m curious. Then, once the genitals are out, the battle is over and you’ve won.