#Mickstape: Soup Is For Suckers

Over the weekend, many people became enraged on the web at Tyler for saying Karl-Anthony Towns is better than Joel Embiid, so that is heavily discussed at the top of the ol’ show here. Devin Booker became the third faster player in NBA history to hit 4,000 points – what is his game going to look like in five years? Many people forget Anthony Davis is only a year older than Joel Embiid, people don’t like talking about it but it’s true. Whom of LeBron, Durant and Giannis is going to make the ALL NBA First Team? There’s only two spots for that designation, yanno, and one of those fine gentleman is going to be SOL. Oh yeah, J.R. Smith pelted Damon Jones with a bowl of soup. In the real world. That’s a thing that happened. Absolutely tremendous.

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