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Best of Barstool Radio Week 61 - Manifestos, Mitzvahs and MMA featuring Brendan Schaub

After a great weekend in Boca Del Vista, the cousins tell us all about how awesome their trip was. After Dave disapproves of Justin Thomas shenanigans on the golf course, he writes a manifesto on how to fix golf. Liz proves again how naive she is about customers wanting to bang her, after she tells a story about waiting on Tiger Woods. Glory Days is back and we recap one of the most ‘Barstool’ Barstool videos of all time in the Burger Taste Test. Friend of the show Brendan Schaub joins the show and Dave gives him advice on how not to turn into a schmo. Rapaport challenges Dave to Rough N Rowdy and Dave accepts his challenge but only under his terms. All this and more on Barstool Radio.