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The Pat McAfee Show 3-2 Olympic Gold Medalist Matty Hamilton

On today’s show, Pat, Shaun, and the entire Heartland Radio crew get together to recap a very busy week. They discuss Laron Landry and his pet monkey Gucci, the history of the Ides of March, and their favorite news stories of the week including a very expensive Jim Kong update and the building feud between Pat and NXT wrestler Adam Cole ahead of Pat’s debut as the ring announcer at this weekend’s NXT event in Indianapolis. Later, the Big Unit of Curling, Olympic gold medalist, owner of one of the most glorious mustaches on the face of the earth, and one of Pat’s best friends, Matty Hamilton, calls into the show for an incredible conversation. He and Pat chat about some different curling strategies that were used in South Korea, what the point of some of the equipment is, how he plans to celebrate his gold medal, and what’s next for the future of US Curling (27:16). As always, the guys give you more Friday Bangerz to send you into the weekend in a fantastic fashion.  Come laugh with us. Cheers.