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Do People Remember Bastardo The Barber? Get Reacquainted.

Little throwback Thursday segment in KFC Radio today. I’m not sure if people remember Bastardo the Barber but he’s a KFCR legend. His girlfriend wouldn’t shave her nether region so he went ahead and created a character that he could role play and shave it for her, that’s a dedication to both the game and avoiding awkward conversations that I have to respect. We discuss whether or not we’d participate in such an activity and what conversations we’ve had pertaining to such subjects like a bush.

Also, we’ve got some deaf porn discussion (of course), what happens if you blackout on a first date and how to come back from it, whether a girl sending food back is a deal breaker, activities done in “Bonus Land” aka still being drunk in the morning, and this LOSER who bought flowers for every girl in the office. Take a listen. We get a little too offensive at points this episode (don’t tell Laura Wagner please) but the people seem to like it.