Today's KFC Radio Features The Most Uncomfortable Hypothetical We've Ever Done

Today’s episode features the guy’s from OAR stopping by for an interview. A crop of voicemails that features dead grandmas on Tinder dates, getting ditched fully naked in the middle of a hook up, and a girl who is so wildly naive about her nudes that we cried laughing directly in her face. But nothing from todays 1+ hour podcast compares to the Would You Rather we tackled today. After 6 years I thought we had heard it all. I thought we couldn’t be fazed by any two options. I thought we could answer every question without breaking a sweat. Feitelberg nearly didnt want to answer it at all. He almost said no.

But thats what we do here at KFC Radio. We answer the tough questions that nobody else is willing to (Because they are respectable people busy with actual real life things that dont just involves dicks and sex and shit, but still) So here is the question. I will only link to it. I warn you, once you click on this and see this question, you will go down a road you dont want to go down. You will have images in your brain you never wanted to have. There’s no going back.

Click here for the most diabolical hypothetical ever

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