PMT 2-16 With Nascar Driver Denny Hamlin And Eagles Lane Johnson

Brain Dump Friday. NBA All Star Weekend and we get a little weird with the start of the show. Josh Allen update, still tall. We’re going to try to create the world’s worst app, Jes-Its the Cheez-Its for Church (don’t worry it will make sense, maybe), and set an ambitious goal to either get everyone to start watching a fake Netflix show or the Tommy Lee Pam Anderson Sex Tape. Nascar Driver and former Daytona 500 Champion Denny Hamlin joins the show to explain to us how race car driving is a real sport, how many guys illegally use adderall, what happens when you want to fight a guy, and how lame Joey Logano is. Segments include Tampering, where everyone tampers with Kirk Cousins including us. Take Quake for Mike Francesca saying Jason Kelce should be cut for swearing, Stay Woke on Bill Walton accidentally leaking WatchESPN’s Big Brother conspiracy, and Jimbos with Super Bowl Champion Lane Johnson as well as a discussion about his viral Patriots comments