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Where's The Best Place To Have Sex Outdoors? Let An SI Swimsuit Model Tell You

Brannnnnnd new episode today with Camille Kostek where we’ve got a female caller who can’t stop finding guys who want to fuck outside. I don’t know where this chick is from, gotta be Oregon or Alabama or some shit, but she’s wondering where the best location is. The best setting. Now obviously, you know my answer, the best place to fuck outside is inside on a bed. But, if you put a gun to my head and said you have to make love under the stars then I’m going with an open field. Grass is soft, get a nice and romantic view of the sky, probably tough to get caught. That’s my pick. It’s better than what my pick was back when I was a kid who actually had to have sex outside out of necessity, because back then it was a playground at midnight and nowadays I think that would land me on a list.

What was Camille’s answer? Was it the woods? A beach? Did she agree with me and say a field then we fell in love? Only one way to find out, play the episode.

And THAT’S how you do a tease.

PS – Vote for Camille for SI Rookie of the year. She’s awesome, a huge fan of Barstool, and an official friend of the program. It takes literally one second to vote for her so please do, or else. Just click this link then click on her. It’s remarkably easy.