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PMT 2-14 With Rachel Nichols And A Special Guys On Chicks With Paige Spiranac And Chase Carter

Valentines Day is here and we’re doing a bonus Mt Rushmore of things we love about sports. Olympic Update. Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Esteban Loaiza, CD’s, and Papa John. Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk about the new look Cavs, who can win the West, Isaiah Thomas, and the wine problem in the NBA. Segments include Just Chill Out Man for RGIII having cyber sex in his instagram comments. Kickers Psychology Couch for Markelle Fultz, and not to brag but we called it everyone is addicted to the Vino. Special Guys on Chicks with SI Swimsuit models Paige Spiranac and Chase Carter to finish off the show.