I've Decided I'm Becoming A Book At The Bar Guy

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Some personal news here: I’m a new convert to the book at the bar lifestyle. I was at the bar the other day, with a girl nbd, and she couldn’t care less about me. She was captivated by this dude sitting there reading a book. The moment he cracked that binder I became less than insignificant in her eyes, she had to know about him. She even asked me questions like what do I think his deal is, why’s he doing that, what’s he reading, all kinda of bullshit. I don’t know, lady! Why don’t you go ask him if you’re so curious!

And that’s the point of it all, isn’t it? Book at the bar guy sticks out and makes people want to approach him. He’s shrouded in mystery, he’s cool, he’s intellectual. That’s what I need to become.

We go over that and other “stick out” moves as well as talk about how awesome just doing absolutely anything alone is. Twenty minutes, have a listen.