PMT 2-9 Trade Deadline With Ryen Russillo And SB 52 Champ Lane Johnson

The Cavs have traded everyone and somehow got better? Did Lebron get rid of D-Wade because he’s jealous that he gets his ass eaten? Philly has a parade for their Eagles and Jason Kelce won the day. Ryen Russillo joins the show to break down how the Cavs got better, the Lakers making smart decisions, and how sad it is for Isaiah Thomas now. Super Bowl 52 Champion Lane Johnson joins the show to talk about his crazy rise to being one of the best O-Lineman in the NFL, the TB12 Method vs the Lane Johnson Method, what is was like winning the Super Bowl, and Doug Pederson’s big balls. Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Adam Schefter, Olympic Update we actually know nothing about these Olympics, the debut of “Take Quake”, Trouble in Paradise for Kobe and Shaq, and a bonus guys on chicks.