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Laces Out Podcast: Super Bowl LII Recap

On the final episode of the 2017 NFL season, an exhausted McAfee is back from Minnesota to talk about the Super Bowl with AJ and me. We dive into one of the wildest postseason games of all time, what it feels like to lose a Super Bowl, the bizarre Malcolm Butler situation, whether a coach with Bill Belichick’s approach can still function in a world of modern coaches who let the players have fun, how great a game Doug Pederson had, Nick Foles’ future, whether the Eagles will be back in next Super Bowl, Josh McDaniels* to Indy* and Gronk retirement speculation. Plus all our usual diversions and utter nonsense. Thanks for a great initial season of Laces Out to Pat, AJ, the web guys, the crew at Barstool Heartland who worked their asses off, the sponsors and especially the listeners. We’ll be back soon.

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