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New York Islander Jordan Eberle Joins Episode 64 Of Spittin' Chiclets

Whitney’s former teammate and roommate Jordan Eberle joins the show this week to talk about his trade from Edmonton to Long Island, Mathew Barzal, Whitney’s ball-breaking, betting stacks on Tiger Woods video game golf, being an NYC commuter, and much more. RA and Whits also talk about the boring-ass All-Star Weekend, Mike Fisher’s return, Jaromir Jagr’s apparent final NHL days, and betting on the Super Bowl before finishing up with #AllRightHamilton questions.

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The first episode of this podcast aired two years ago tomorrow and the time has flown by. RA, Whits, and Grinnelli want to give a huge “thank you” to all of the listeners who’ve supported us over that time. When we started out, we never imagined that this would become what it has so we just want to acknowledge you guys and gals. There’s plenty of good stuff in the pipeline and things are only going to get better. Keep on gassin’ beers and chuckin’ knucks.