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PMT 2-2 With 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas + 5X Pro Bowler Luke Kuechly

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Super Bowl 52 is almost here and we give our official preview and prediction plus our made up pro bets. Recap of the “Two Bills” 30 for 30 aka Football Guy Porn. Cleveland Browns Left Guard and 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas joins the show to talk about his career, what it’s like playing for teams that haven’t had a ton of success, his podcasting, and life in the NFL for linemen. 5X Luke Kuechly joins the show to talk about Football, Cam Newton’s weird instagram posts, concussions, and skyline chili. Segments include hmmm for Cam Lebron to the Warriors, Dad to Dad for Tom Brady mouth kissing his son, Just chill out man for Demaurice Smith, That’s enough internet for today, and the return of Jimbos.


Fun fact of the day – We are no longer on Podcast 1 so if you don’t have iTunes you will need to find Pardon My Take on other feeds. Here are some links below.