Starting 9 Episode 27: Tim Brown


We’ve got a big time Brewers love fest going on this week. At the end of every show, we make predictions on what we think will happen between now and the next time we record, and I had been red hot with my “nothing is going to happen” predictions. Maybe fifteen minutes after we posted last week’s show, the Brewers traded for Christian Yelich and signed Lorenzo Cain, so that ended the streak for me.

We break down those two additions, talk about what the Brewers should do with Ryan Braun, discuss whether or not Domingo Santana is now trade bait, and what Milwaukee can do from here to continue to build their team into a legitimate contender.

Our guest this week is Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, and we talk about former Padres general manager Kevin Towers, who passed away this week, as well as Hall of Fame voting and the stagnant free agent market. After the interview, we get into Chief Wahoo being put out to pasture, Yu Darvish making it known that the Dodgers are his first preference, the Orioles moving Manny Machado back to shortstop, and some Twitter questions from the Grounds Crew.


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