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The Pat McAfee Show 2-1 We're Ice Fishing

On today’s show, Pat, Shaun, Digs, and Nick are joined by Young Pageviews from an ice castle on Lake Minnetonka as they record while doing a little ice fishing. Pat, Digs, and Nick try to keep pace with everyone else as they all discuss some of the best ways to catch some fish. Also included are interviews with future Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens, to discuss his thoughts on making a return to the XFL, and who he thinks is going to win the Super Bowl (8:32). Later, former NFL Running Back and Dancing With The Stars winner, Rashad Jennings, joins the show to discuss his life after football, how he almost predicted the Super Bowl before the season, and where he sees himself in the next couple of years (46:41). Today’s show is a great time. Come laugh with us. Cheers.