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The Pat McAfee Show 1-26 Friday Trip To Space

On today’s show, Pat and Shaun are joined in studio by the entire Heartland Radio crew. They discuss the XFL making its comeback and whether Pat might be able to get a gig, 50 Cent cashing in on his BitCoin investment, and how Pat missed the boat on his BitCoin opportunity, and go over their favorite news stories from this past week. Also on today’s show, MMA legend, actor, and entrepreneur, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz, joins the show to chat with Pat about his career in the UFC, what Donald Trump told him about business, his strategy when playing Blackjack, and Tito also gives Shaun a couple of tips for his upcoming fight at Rough ‘N’ Rowdy 2 (11:16). To end the show, we add a couple new tracks to the best playlist on the internet with some Friday Bangerz to send you into the weekend. Come laugh with us. Cheers.