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Laces Out Podcast: Championship Games Recap

On this week’s show, Pat, AJ and I look back at the Jaguars-Patriots and Vikings-Eagles games. Including, but not limited to how Philly’s wild pregame party had them ready to play, the emotional turmoil of Patriots fans (some of whom happen to be me), Minny’s hangover from the Division Round finish, Doug Marrone’s very bad day, the play of Big Dick Nick Foles, the bad intel I was given regarding Tom Brady’s hand and our early impressions of Super Bowl LII. But we still managed to make time for how scripted Reality TV is, Hank Baskett, the hateability of LeBron, who the world’s most popular person is, what Pat is hearing about Andrew Luck in Indy and AJ’s efforts to bring back the word “moxie.” Enjoy.

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