Well, Actually... "Hang The DJ" Was Not A Happy Episode Of Black Mirror And Let Me Tell You Why

It’s Black Mirror week on KFC Radio Quickies (episode 1 available here) where we’ve got special guest, and smartest guy in the office KMarko, joining us to break down season 4 of Black Mirror and help us out with some hypotheticals.

“Hang the DJ” is the pretty clear winner of this season, drawing a lot of comparisons to last season’s San Junipero which I’m pretty sure got nominated for an Oscar or some shit. It’s great, it was definitely my favorite episode of the season, but it was not a happy ending. “Whoa! What? Feits are you an idiot?! Do you not like love?!”

Listen, I love love. I’ve always loved love. I’m a romantic. But, the ending of that episode was not happy. Listen to the episode and we’ll expand your mind (yeah, I said “we” because Kmarko agreed with me and, like I said, he’s the smartest guy in the office soooooo)

PS – This song fucks so hard.