#Mickstape: Lonzo "Coach Killer" Ball

LaVar Ball wants Luke Walton outta there, and Lonzo doesn’t exactly disagree. Karl-Anthony Towns may have fixed his defense and the haters and losers, of which there are many, are besides themselves. Also, our close personal friend Nathan Peterman capped off the Bills season with an electric three plays that Withers and the Mick Man simply HAD to break down. Finally, the boys reveal #s 15-6 of their funniest people of all time. We would have given the entire lists today but we ran out of time because it’s the real world Peter Pan and shit happens sometimes. So, Thursday you’ll get the rest of the list. And you’ll like it. And maybe you’ll have the feeling of disagreeing with it. And if you get that feeling, have it over there where we can’t see it. Thank you and good night.

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