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The Pat McAfee Show 12-7 AJ Hawk: Dad Of The Year

On today’s show, Pat and Shaun discuss the aftermath of the bloodbath that was Steelers vs. Bengals, how gritty people moving to California during the gold rush were, how electric The Rock’s promo’s would be if he ran for president, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s exploits in Hawaii, and some of their favorite Christmas movies. Later, AJ Hawk joins Pat and Shaun for one of the most hilarious conversations you’ll hear. They chat about some of the lies he tells his kids to scare them into doing the right thing, what he thinks about Ohio State narrowly missing out on the College Football Playoff, and the gift he sent Pat for Christmas (45:57). After the show, Spice Adams stops by for a bonus conversation live from a hotel lobby in New York to chat about his new TV show, The Great American Baking Show, talk about his new peacoat, and request a song or two (1:25:23). Come laugh with us. Cheers.