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What Makes Dads Cry? — The Podfathers

It’s been a pretty tough week at the Casa de Clem. My daughter and pregnant wife are A-OK. But another family member has had a rough go of it lately. His name is Elisha Nelson Manning. You may know him as Eli, but I occasionally go with the full government names of the ones I love just to show that I love them.

After that clip came out, myself and other Giants fans were bawling our eyes out. Chaps’ daddy senses were tingling and he knew I had to get some stuff off my chest, so we decided this week we would talk about what makes dads cry.

Nothing stopped you in your tracks as a kid quicker than if you saw your dad cry. That meant something REALLY bad happened or there was a glitch in The Matrix. These days I feel like dads cry more, but that can probably be blamed on pussification or the damn millennials.

Anyway, Chaps and I discussed what makes us cry. Chaps went full Pappy Chappys and got mushy while talking about his kids hitting milestones. Me? I went the more traditional route and talked about the time Forrest asked Jenny if Forrest Jr. was “smart” or like him.

Sorry if that made anybody cry, get goosebumps, or throw up. Yes in my opinion, that scene is powerful enough to make someone still nursing a weekend bender puke all over the damn place. And as usual, our listeners in the Podfamily threw some gems out there as well that always get the onions peeling.

Also on today’s episode we learn that Chaps is an anti-vaxxer when it comes to the flu shot but completely redeems himself after revealing the most glorious praise voice you will ever hear. Mommy Voice Chaps truly has he voice of an angel. A bearded angel that says bitcc a lot. But an angel nonetheless.