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Laces Out Podcast: NFL Week 12 Recap

On this week’s Laces Out, AJ, Pat and I are joined by Pat’s Barstool Heartland buddy Sean as we talk about Week 12 in the NFL. With a few brief digressions into Cyber Monday, why AJ always liked to make friends with the offensive linemen that were trying to kill him, Ndamukong Suh talking about how the Patriots ran away from him in an 18-point loss, Times Square’s creepy costume guys, why magic is just frustrating to me, not entertainment, what Sean McVay has done for the Rams, the Michael Crabtree-Aqib Talib fight, Ohio State-Michigan, I break the news to these guys that Bear Grylls is a fraud, clean comedy vs. filthy, the Jets Robby Anderson lobbying for Pro Bowl votes in the middle of a game, and the legend that is Brady Quinn’s dad Chopper. Also, stick around as McAfee wins money on a last second field goal in the middle of the show. Enjoy. And buy things.

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