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Laces Out Podcast: NFL Week 11 Recap

On this week’s special Thanksgiving week episode, Pat, AJ and I take a dive into Week 11 in the NFL. Including, but not limited to, a day of ridiculous finishes, how good the Eagles are, Ben McAdoo’s inspirational quote, the sudden legitimacy of the Saints, what’s wrong with the Rams and champion the cause of the underappreciated Special Team Guy. McAfee also pees into a bottle while we’re recording which gets us into a detailed discussion about those guys having to piss into a cup with an NFL sample collector staring at their wangs, Pat farting on the guy, shy bladders, the musical Hamilton, the humiliating things ESPN makes their people do, and my brain gets broken when I find out that the traditional Thanksgiving Day high school football game I’ve been going to my whole life is strictly a Massachusetts thing. Enjoy.

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